Thursday, March 9, 2023

My interesting experience on Hinge dating app


Hinge seems to have the best slogan that it hopes people download for deleting it. Yes, I was also attracted by this slogan. After all, I truly want to find a guy who can understand and respect me. However, it is not easy to find who matches me most here. After all, everything perfect things needs to be waited. If you just want to find the people who likes one night stands, Hinge dating is not a suitable place. According to my real experience in this online hookup site, it focuses on serious dating more.

With no doubt, there are also some robots on hinge. But after they takes a more strict verification system, more people become sincere. According to the hinge company, over 45% people have successfully found real lover here in the past year. And over 25% people also get casual hook up as they want. And for some people who want to chat with strangers, they are also satisfied here.

As a 22-year-old woman, I just want to find serious lover on this free hinge. I am patient here but I also find some weird people on this site. You can learn my stories.

The first guy was friendly at first. After I signed up and got verified, the system recommend him to me. After I checked his profile, I knew he was a university teacher at local college. He told me he was very near to me. As I just moved to this city, I really wanted to get over my ex-boyfriend and found new friend. We kept chatting on Hinge date for one week in a row.

We finally met each other. This date was not bad and I felt he was a gentleman. Then, we had my second dinner. He asked my kik number and we exchanged. I could feel he liked me but I was sure if he was the one for me. I told him that we just knew from Hinge app and I needed time to know him. On the third date, I went to toilet. However, when I came back from toilet, I found he was checking my phone. I was shocked and got my phone quickly. I asked him the reason why he checked my phone. After all, we were not real lover at that time. I was mad at him but he thought it was nothing new. I told him it was rude and illegal to peek my phone. He told me he did this because he wanted to know me better. Fine, I forgave him.

However, at the next week, I was shopping with my best friends. And he called me at every 20 minutes. I was not angry and impatient at that time. We were not real lover. I picked up the phone at the very beginning. And then, I chose to ignore his calls. But he sent me message that I might be regretful to miss his call. I was dizzy. I could feel knowing his guy from free hinge is not a wise choice. In the end, I made a decision that I should stop connection with this guy. Yes, hinge hookup dating site helps me to know potential dating people. But I don’t want to be controlled by a horrible guy.

I asked this guy out. I knew it was time to say goodbye with him. He told me he regretted to call me for many times. And he hoped I could give him another chance. Then, I said sorry and said that he was not my type. We were lucky to meet each other on hinge free chatting app but we were not perfect match. Then, I just ran out of that coffee house as I was not sure what he would do. Finally, I knew I could never see this guy again.

I should admit that making friends on Hinge is not bad. As someone says, online dating is of great importance for us now. However, we should also have better understanding about someone before a serious relationship. I just hope all people can get their perfect match on Hinge chatting site.

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